• Lurgan, Co.Armagh
  • October 2016

Our Client was expanding their business from a small unit from where the business began to a newly built modern warehouse which incorporated tyre fitting bays and a workshop.

Elevate was chosen to supply and install a mezzanine floor for the storage of tyres. The design of the mezzanine was such that the columns supporting the floor had to be located specifically to allow for maximum clear access underneath to allow for tyre fitting to customers cars. 

The mezzanine floor runs the full length of the building which is approx. 26m and is 8m in width.

Pedestrian access is via an ambulant compliant staircase with mid landing. Tyres are lifted up and down from the floor using a specially designed tyre lift. A void in the floor approx. 1m x 1m facilitates the tyre lift.

Elevate further installed tyre racking on top of the mezzanine allowing the customer to fully utilise the space created.

Runs of tyre racks were created running along the length of the floor storing 3 tyres high. This offered the customer maximum selectivity of tyres providing effieciency and stock rotation.

Block stacking of the tyres would not have proved so efficient.