Eclipse - Chrome Wire Shelving - Complete Bays with Chrome Finish

Eclipse wire shelving is suitable for restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, hospitals, offices, factories, educational departments and the home.
Bays can be made suitable for the electronics industry with the addition of conductive components (please enquire).
Assembles in minutes with no specialist tools required.
Open wire shelves for greater visibility and airflow with adjustability at 25mm pitches.
Heavy duty with a 300Kg shelf load capacity (UDL).
Units can be customised with a wide range of accessories (please enquire) and different finishes from Chrome for dry storage areas to epoxy powder coated Perma Plus antibacterial finish for cold, damp environments such as cold rooms or freezers.
Additional shelves are available - please contact us.
For Perma Plus Finish see reference: EPP40
For suitable castors see reference: R75UB

Finish H x W x D (mm) 4 Tier Starter Bay 4 Tier Extension Bay Additional Shelf
Chrome 1625 x 610 x 460 EC40 EC40AO EC1824
Chrome 1625 X 915 X 460 EC44 EC44AO EC1836
Chrome 1625 X 1220 X 460 EC45 EC45AO EC1848
Chrome 1625 X 1520 X 460 EC46 EC46AO EC1860
Chrome 1625 X 610 X 610 EC47A EC47AAO EC2424
Chrome 1625 X 915 X 610 EC48 EC48AO EC2436
Chrome 1625 X 1220 X 610 EC49 EC49AO EC2448
Chrome 1625 X 1520 X 610 EC50 EC50AO EC2460