A completely free standing system, no drilling, no fixing down, no messy ground or civil works.  It will not damage or disturb your carpet or floor covering.  This kinetic shelving system incorporates safety features including a "true" non slip floor and illuminated hand wheels indicating when the unit is in operation.

Height Adjustable Anti Tilt Rack

The Unique easy access adjustment ensures a level track on uneven floors and allows easy adjustment over the life of the product.  This track offers an ultra safe anti-tilt mechanism and concealed end stop for safety.

Integral Floor

Floor panels are in modular sections and are wear resistant providing a secure, rigid and safe platform to walk on.

ESS Kinetic Shelving 100% Space Saving

Illuminated Handwheel

Super bright LED's illuminate when the motion sensors detect the wheel is in use, they stay lit for a period of time after the wheel has stopped, this safety feature allows others to see when the unit is being used.

Track SpecificationESS Track Spec

Tracks in 1500mm and 2000mm modules enabling any track to be used t the nearest 500mm minimising waste.  A 30 x 30 x 3mm inwardly lipped C- Section high tensile running track is set in the outer track which houses the jacking mechanism and supports the boards. 

Drive Specification

We offer various gear ratios to suit all needs, not only to control hand wheel effort but also accelleration. As a guide, using our standard 3:1 mechanical advantage, we would expect a 1000kg load to require 0.30kg hand wheel effort.