Longspan shelving is perfectly designed to meet all types of requirements for storing medium-heavy weight items of different sizes.  It is very quick and easy to assemble.

A wide range of frames, beams and components make this longspan shelving system highly versatile, suitable for storing most types of products from components to heavy cartons.

Frames are a fully bolted construction consisting of epoxy powder coated blue uprights with galvanised brackings and the beams are epoxy coated powder coated orange.

All chipboard is 18mm thick to increase the weight loading capailities.  

Longspan Shelving bays can be purchased as starter bays and extension bays if you wish to shelve an area in one run.

Frames Sizes Available      

  • 2000H x 600D mm
  • 2000H x 900D mm
  • 2000H x 1200D mm
  • 2500H x 600D mm
  • 2500H x 900Dmm
  • 2500H x 1200D mm

Beam Sizes Available (mm)

  • 1150mm
  • 1500mm
  • 1850mm
  • 2400mm

Sundries Available

  • Beam Locking Pins
  • Levelling Shims
  • 12x80mm Floor Bolts
  • Splice Plates
  • Chipboard Support Bars