Toprax Shelving Bays c/w  5 x Shelves & 15 x 24 Ltr. Containers

Single Bay - Height 1500mm 

Shelf Width 970mm / Overall Width 1042mm (initial) / Overall Width 1010mm (extension)

Toprax is a high quality, fully adjustable bolt-free shelving system, requiring no special fixings.
It combines the strength necessary to meet the specifications for commercial and industrial storage applications, whilst the unpierced face of the uprights and beams provide the style and elegance required for the office environment.
Clean, fully tooled components ensure the complete absence of sharp edges to safeguard you and your goods from damage.
The unique design of Toprax allows clear, unlimited entry, as there are no cross braces or gussets to restrict the loading of shelves or the selection of products.
Shelves are fully adjustable on 50mm (2”) centres and bays can be extended as required to cater for fluctuating stock and change in products.
For added convenience and faster installation, all units are supplied with full instructions for self-assembly.
Uprights are finished epoxy powder coated blue, beams and ties are epoxy powder coated silver/grey and shelves are galvanised as standard.
Max shelf capacities: (UDL)
870 x 290 = 160kg each
870 x 440 = 160kg each
970 x 290 = 150kg each
970 x 490 = 150kg each
Floor fixing is required where shelving bays exceed a height to depth ratio of 4:1





Description Shelf Depth (mm) Overall Depth (mm) Shelf Width (mm) Overall Width (mm) Order Ref
1500mm(H) Single Initial Bay c/w 5 Shelves & 15no. 24 Ltr Container 440 478 970 1072 023355SIPC
1500mm(H) Single Extension Bay c/w 5 Shelves & 15no. 24 Ltr Container 440 478 970 1010 023355SEPC